Monday, January 5, 2009

Can Today's Teens be Healthy??

Today's teens are under enormous pressure--from school, peers, parents, themselves--

While I've been trying to incorporate elements of Primal Living in my own lifestyle (Mark Sisson rocks!), and have been influenced greatly by the writings of Gary Taubes, it's not so easy to foist those changes onto the kids.

Enough sleep, healthy food choices, sunshine,playtime, physical activity (not to mention avoiding drugs/alcohol)--today's teens have the deck stacked against them.

Does one subscribe to the "gentle push/small changes" approach, which may take lots of time to bear fruit (hah! fruit's actually one healthy thing they'll eat without nagging!), or come down hard imposing changes which they'll push back against but be better for in the long run?

And of course, parents are role model #1--I keep cookie fortunes in my wallet, and one favorite is "Example is better than precept". I have to say my own example in the health department has been less than stellar, which is what leads me here at this point in my life.

So, in these pages you'll find over time my attempts to incorporate healthy, low-carb, Primal habits for myself, as well as my family--look for recipes, articles, inspiration, frustration, and a friendly voice as you too nudge your family towards better health.

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